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On this page you can find the list of tournaments which will be organized on

You can also add your tournament, if possible at least 6 months in advance. In exceptional situations this period can be reduced to three months or less. The purpose of this is to allow our players to make a plan and decide on which tournaments they will take part.

Please include for every tournament the following data:

  • Tournament Name
  • Organizer
  • Date of tournament start
  • Tempo
  • Name of tournament director (contact person)
  • Name of tournament arbiter
  • Tournament fee (if there is any)
  • Who is allowed to register
  • Prizes (if any)

WCDA Tournaments

To enter a tournament you must be a member of the WCDA. That means that you pay every year a membership fee. Members will receive the WCDA Magazine. The final schedule (dates) will follow later.

Open Dutch championship

  • Organizer: WCDA
  • Recurrence: every year
  • Start date: 1 January every year
  • Tempo: standard (see below)

WCDA World Championship

  • Recurrence: every year
  • Start date 1 May every year - 2012. - Delayed

WCDA Cup every year

  • Recurrence: every year
  • Start date 1 September every year.

Ongoing tournaments of 8 players

  • Start Every time 8 players have paid the inscription fee.

Players play 2 games with every other player, with black and white

Second E-Dama Team Championship

  • Planned start date: 15 October 2013
  • Contact person: Goran Igaly (
  • Tournament Director: Goran Igaly
  • Arbiter: Goran Igaly
  • Tournament Fee: 5 Euros per team (to be confirmed)
  • Description: Every team consists of four players. Every team consists from players from the same country. If there are no available plaers to assemble team one country, players can buid team from two or more countries (so-called "mixed team"). Players from one country can play in only one such team (for example, Croatian players can not play in two "mixed teams")

Second e-dama Open Championship

Second Open Championship

  • Planned start date: 15 October 2012
    • This tournament will be organized every two years
  • Participation - 5 Euros per player. The money collected will be used for site maintenance and development. Players with more than 150 game finished on can play for free if they want. But, their donation will be accepted. If 5 Euros is too much for you to pay, you can ask organizers to play for free.
  • If more than 15 players will be registered (we hope so!) for the tournament, tournament will be played by using our experimental "Simulated Suiss System" in which every participant will play 14 games against other participants. Pairs for games will be chosen by simulating Suiss system, based on players rating, and simulation of results by using probability approach.

We can publish "results" based on this simulation so you can compare, for fun, these "results" with actual results at the end of tournament.

If we find sponsors, there will be prizes for the first three places. If you want to be a sponsor, please contact Dr. Goran Igaly at the email address

e-dama Rating Tournaments

  • Rating tournaments will be organized every year or every two years and will begin in summer (end of July) as an introduction to new tournament season. Players will be divided in groups of approximately 10 players, according to their position on the e-dama rating list in the moment of tournament announcement - one month before start. All players from A-rating list can play for free

e-dama "unplugged"

  • Description: This is the tournament where participants take obligation not to use any kind of help or assistance (computer or human) i.e. they can only use board for analysis.
  • Tempo - standard tempo, but we will consider the possibility of measuring real time spent for thinking, to make game more real. In this case, we will limit the time allowed for thinking to one or two hours (to be confirmed)
  • Planned time for start - 15 May 2012

e-dama Mini Tournaments

  • Description: These tournaments are 'open' because everybody can play, regardless of strength or geographical location.

It is also 'Mini' because number of players is only five so each player will play only four games. Good for people who want to play some, but not too many games. It will start automatically when fifth player join. After that new tournament will be opened for next five players etc.

  • Playing tempo: 120 days for first 50 moves plus 50 days to end the game.
  • Please send all questions regarding Mini tournaments to or

Continuity of MINI tournaments

Aim of Mini tournaments is to enable players on e-dama continuous participation on smaller tournaments and to be in contact with other players. Everybody can take part in these tournaments. Our present experience shows that some players never start to play their games or they move few moves and stop responding. To avoid such situations and to provide other players with interesting competition with 5 players, from 1 June 2012 we are introducing the rule by which every participant on Mini tournament must make at least 2 moves in all his games during his first 20 days. If he do not make 2 moves in any of the games, he will be removed from this tournament. Such player will be replaced with one of the players from the "pool of permanent reserve players on e-dama". Members of such poll will be players who want to help us in providing nice experience to all players. We invite all our serious players to help us building such a pool. We will try to replace missing player with the player from the pool with rating which is close to average rating of other players on the tournament.

If you want to be the member of "pool of permanent reserve players on e-dama", please contact me at the email address

MINI tournaments substitutions

Tournament description: This is not real tournament!

Lately, at many tournament there are people who are registering to play in the tournament but lately either disaperaing after several moves or never starting to play. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to prevent this and, at the same time, keep tournaments open for new players who are really interested to play draughts on this site.

Intention of this "dummy tournament" is to make list of players who are willing to replace such non-players in real MINI tournaments that already started. So, if you are willing to play four extra games, please join here. We will make substitutions on "first in, first out" principle. Of course, if substitution is needed in the tournament where you are already playing, next available player will be used as substitution. Once when you entered the tournament as a substitution, you will be removed from the list (sorry for that) so you have to join again if you are still willing to play as substitution on some other MINI tournament. Of course, you can remove yourself from this list whenever you like, without any explanation.

Thank you in advance!

General rules (non-official proposal - to be confirmed)

  • Tempo: If not indicated differently tempo for playing is 120 days for 50 moves + 50 days for end of game
  • Player who will not finish more than half games in tournament without explanation must pay additional fee for the next tournament in amount of 3 Euros
  • Every player can take a leave of 30 days and it can be used in two parts.
  • Player who will not make a move in 6 weeks (42 days) will automatically lose the game.
  • Mini and Midi tournaments are opened for all players, free of charge
  • Mini tournaments will be opened for registration all the time
  • Midi tournament will be organized in periods when no other tournaments with 8 players or more will not be available for registration in near future
  • On national tournaments with at least 6 domestic players, all players from this country can play without registration fee, and registration fee for other players (players from other countries) is 2 Euros

Time control and warnings

System for playing on will automatically send warnings to players who play slower than expected. Warnings will be sent to the email address used on registration. Warnings will be sent at following times:

1st warning if player do not make at least 10 moves in first 48 days
2nd warning if player do not make at least 20 moves in first 81 days
3rd warning if player do not make at least 30 moves in first 104 days
4th warning if player do not make at least 40 moves in first 117 days
5th warning if player do not make at least 45 moves in first 119 days

If player spend 121 days and do not make 50 moves, he/she will automatically lose the game without right to complain. In the case of losing 6 games in such a way in period of one year, this player will not be able to register to the tournaments (except mini tournaments). In case of losing 15 or more games, player will not be able to register to mini tournaments. This prohibition will be in force until there will be no game lost in such a way in period of one year. Player who is not able to play regularly can take regular leave, and in case of serious illness or something similar, he/she can inform tournament director or site administrators and he/she will be allowed to use more time (administrative leave) for finishing his/her games - without any consequences.