Second Open Championship

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(If you can and wish to help us in translating this text to your language, we will be very grateful - please contat me at

E-dama Open Championships is site dedicated to international draughts. Every two years we will organize E-dama Open Championship. At this championship we will try to collect as many players active on e-dama and to attract new players of international draughts.

Currently is completely self financed and is developed by only one person - Cedomir Igaly. By organizing E-dama Open Championship we will try to collect some money necessary for maintaing the site. E-dama Second Open Championship will start at 15 December 2012.

So, registration fee for E-dama Second Open Championship will be 5 Euros per player. Money can be sent via PayPal as a donation for maintining site The money collected will be used for site maintenance and development. Players with more than 150 games finished on can play for free if they want. But, their donation will be accepted. If 5 Euros is too much for you to pay, you can ask organizers to play for free. Also, if you wish to pay more than 5 Euros, we will be grateful and will publish your name if you wish or you can stay anonymous.

We invite all active players to participate in the E-dama Second Open Championship. All players with at least 3 completely finished games at are invited to participate. Players with less than 3 finished games can also play at this tournament if some player from our A list can recommend them as serious players.

Tournament System

Tournamet System used for Second Open Championship depends on number of players who will participate.

Number of players System used Number of games
6 - 13 double round-robin
14 - 21 round.robin
22 - 34 simulated Swiss system 8
35 - 55 simulated Swiss system 10
56 - 89 simulated Swiss system 12
90+ simulated Swiss system 14

Simulated Swiss System

If more than 21 players will be registered for the tournament (we beleive there will be much more players!), tournament will be played by using our experimental "Simulated Swiss System" in which every participant will play 8-14 games against other participants (depenfing on number of particiants, see table above). Pairs for games will be chosen by simulating original Swiss system, based on players' rating, and simulation of results by using probability approach. We can even publish "results" based on this simulation so you can compare, for fun, these "results" with actual results at the end of tournament.

If we find sponsors, there will be prizes for the first three places. If you want to be a sponsor, please contact Dr. Goran Igaly at the email address

If you want to send message to all participant, you can do it by sending message to the Group of all participants.

Tempo for playing will be 120 days for 50 moves and 50 days for finishing the game (standard tempo for correspondence games held on Calendar_of_Tournaments

User activity on tournament in last three weeks. This report is for the null tournament director, to see if there are inactive participants and to motivate them to play quicker in order to allow other participants to play all games in similar pace.

After logging in, you can see the list of your current games.

Results of the First Open Championship (15.10.2010 - 15.11.2011)

The E-dama First Open Championship was held from 15 October 2010 until 15 November 2011. The first champion of E-Dama Open Championship is Mr Wim IJzerman (NL). Second place was won by Nina Shchebenyuk (RU), and third place was won by Vladimir Savin (RU). Congratulations to all of them!

For all who are interested, here is the tournament table and games from the tournament.