Donations for maintaining E-Dama

In period between 2007 and 2024 all expenses for E-Dama has been paid exclusively by Čedomir Igaly. Exception was year 2017 and at the bottom of this page is the link to the page of supporters who helped us to keep E-Dama going during this year.

Here is the list of donations for E-Dama and their donors from 2024. onwards.

If you wish to give donation for maintaining E-Dama, you can do this via PayPal:

NameDateAmont / WeeksIs enough until
Joseph Soniran4.6.2024.101.75 EUR (11 weeks)28.1.2025.
Zlatko Batinić18.5.2024.9.25 EUR (1 week)12.11.2024.
Zlatko Batinić28.4.2024.9.25 EUR (1 week)05.11.2024.
Dragan Vesić12.4.2024.55.50 EUR (6 weeks)29.10.2024.
Wim IJzerman11.4.2024.18.50 EUR (2 weeks)17.09.2024.
Schelte Betten10.4.2024.46.25 EUR (5 weeks)03.09.2024.
Fred Roedolph10.4.2024.27.75 EUR (3 weeks)30.07.2024.
FMJD9.4.2024.55.50 EUR (6 weeks)09.07.2024.
Stefan Pünktchen9.4.2024.9.25 EUR (1 week)28.05.2024.
Zlatko Batinić2.4.2024.18.50 EUR (2 weeks)21.05.2024.
Bart Stegeman30.3.2024.9.25 EUR (1 week)07.05.2024.
Goran Igaly11.3.2024.55.50 EUR (6 weeks)30.04.2024.

Sponsors of E-Dama in year 2017.