E-Dama Championship in Brazilian Draughts – 2016

1. The competition will be held in two rounds - semifinal and final round.

2. Semi-final round starts on 01 March 2016. Final round starts 10 days after completion of all games in the semi-final round.

3. Semi-final round will be held in groups of 10 to 12 players of which the final groups with also 10 to 12 players will be formed

4. Semi-final groups are determined via semi-directed draw in accordance with the current E-Dama rating in the Brazilian draughts, and current E-Dama rating in international draughts for the players who have not played Brazilian draughts on E-Dama yet.

5. All competitions are held according to the system of micro-matches with the initial positions determined in accordance with paragraph 11 of Rules of Official competitions in draughts-64 from 10 December 2015.

5a. Each pair of players play one micro-match of two games.

5b. For each micro-match the starting positions will be determined by draw according to the current official Table of initial positions. This table is available on the IDF website from the menu Documents > Table of draw.

5c. The starting positions are the same for both players in micro-match and every player plays one game with white and one game with black pieces.

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I was born in 1963 and learn to play draughts in 1980. Played actively for about 10 years. Start to play again correspondence games around 2006. Help brother Čedomir to maintain E-Dama since about 2010. Now I am the main contact person for E-Dama but the its real creator is my brother Čedomir who literarly wrote every line of code which drive e-dama.net website.

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