The second championship of the world on international draughts on electronic correspondence on the


Start date of the tournament is 20.11.2014. The tournament is organized in accordance with these Rules until all games are concluded.

Competitors must know and follow the rules of the game, respect their opponents and respect and follow the principles of sport ethics, bring the tournament to an end, obey the decisions of the arbiters and Tournament Director.


All moves shall be made by committing them through the web server. Each player is playing one game against any other player.

Technical support questions about the game on shall be addressed to [ Goran Igaly (Croatia)]<br>


Each competitor is allowed 100 days for the first 50 moves and then additional 10 days for every next 10 moves with the accumulation of time. Time counting and recording is conducted on web server.

Time counting is starting at the beginning of the tournament. A player will have 24 hours of reflection time to respond to a move before one day of time is charged against his/her clock by the web server.


Each player is required to keep record of his/her own and his/her opponent's time. When the opponent is nearing to the end of allowed time, the player must notify the Tournament Director not less than 5 days and not more than 10 days before. The Tournament Director then takes this game under his control. If the player does not make required number of moves within the time allowed, he/her loses the game.

If the player cannot continue playing due to the failure of his/her computer equipment, he must inform the judge in any way and have to take steps for recovery of electronic communication. Delay of game in this case is included in the players allowed time. In such cases tournament leadership can allow the player to use the leave even after the date of its occurrence, within the limits specified in paragraph 5 of these Rules, notifying all players of the tournament.

The player that is not responding without explanation for more than 40 days, may forfeit the game by the discretion decision of a judge.

Games of the withdrawn player can be adjudicated, cancelled or decided as lost by the Tournament Director.


Each competitor may claim up to a total of 30 days leave during each calendar year.

Players intending to take such leave must send the information, using web server, in advance to all players in the tournament and Tournament Director. Leave cannot start earlier than within the next day after its announcement. Time counting for the rest of the players is not suspended.


Participants that will ended on first ten places will be directly allowed to play on tournament ChMM 3C

For winning the game player is awarded 2 points, for a draw - 1 point, and for a loss - 0 points. Order Standings of competitors is determined by the number of points, the winner is the player with the highest number of points. The tie breaking is done by:
* 1) the coefficient Shmul'yan-Dvorkovich;
* 2) the result of games between the players with the equal number of points;
* 3) the most games won.

Participants ranked on first ten places will be directly allowed to play on tournament ChMM-3S.


Entry fee of 300 rubles should be sent before 20.12.2014 by postal order:

152915, Yaroslavl region,
str. Volochaevskaya 42-3
Ерастов Анатолий Владимирович

152915, Ярославская область,
ул. Волочаевская, 42-3,
Ерастову Анатолию Владимировичу.

Please notify by e-mail (to: the amount, date and time of payment and for which tournament the fee has been paid.

Competitors on first three places will be awarded medals and diplomas.

The prize fund, made up of contributions from the tournament participants is as follows: the fund - 20%, plus the cost of medals and diplomas of their newsletter.

The rest: the fund SLSHI - 10%, the Tournament Director work – 20%, 1st place prize is -32%, 2nd place prize is – 23%, and 3rd place prize is - 15%.

Tournament Director: Erastov AV


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