Best players on World championships in international draughts held on E-Dama

Since 2013 SLSHI has been organizing the World Championship in International Draughts on the E-Dama website. The Championship takes place every year and brings together the world's strongest correspondent players. Here is a list of three top ranked players in the championships so far. 

Sixth Championship - ChMM-6S 15.12.2018.-28.7.2019. - 23 players

1. BE Fabrice Lamock
2. HR Zoran Petričević
3. RU Andrei Verhovich

Fifth Championship - ChMM-5S 16.12.2017.-16.7.2018. - 25 players

1. RU Yuriy Boyko
2. HR Zoran Petričević
3. FR Laurent Delattre

Fourth Championship - ChMM-4S 15.12.2016.-16.7.2017. - 22 players

1.  Nikolay Morozov
2. NL Fred Roedolph
3. RU Feodor Djskant

Third Championship - ChMM-3S 15.12.2015.-1.9.2016. - 26 players

1.  Frits Luteijn
2.  Hans Vermin
3.  Aleksei Shitov

Second Championship - ChMM-2S 20.11.2014.-19.7.2015. - 23 players

1.  Nikolay Morozov
2.  Simon Wiersma
3.  Frits Luteijn

First Championship - ChMM-1S 1.6.2013.-27.3.2014. - 17 players

1.  Hans Vermin
2.  Auke Spijkstra
3.  Evgeni Kudriashev


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