Semifinal tournaments for ChMM-5S

Because of big interest for World Championship in Correspondence Draughts, organized by SLShI and played on E-Dama, there will be organized two semifinal groups for the Fifth Championship.

Groups are named "East" and "West". In group East there will be players from Russia and Ukraine, and players from other countries will play in group West. Beginning of semifinal tournaments is 1 February 2017.

Time for thinking is 60 days for the first 40 moves, plus 10 days for every next 10 moves.

Judge for both tournaments is Mr. Anatoly Erastov (SLShI), and technical director is Mr. Goran Igaly (E-Dama).

Three best players from every group will be invited to Fifth Correspondence World Championship in International Draughts which will start et the end of 2017. Other participants in Fifth World Championship will be 10 best players from Fourth World Championship ChMM-4S and 8 best ranked players on E-Dama rating list.

Registration for the tournaments

Registration fee is 5 Eur for the group "West" and 300 rubles for the group "East".

Registration for the group East: P/ChMM-4S(E) (players from Russia and Ukraine)

Registration for the group West: P/ChMM-4S(W) (players from other countries)

Tournament rules

Регламент т. П -ЧММ-4С Восток

Download Tournament Rules P/ChMM-4S(E)



Download Tournament Rules P/ChMM-4S(W)


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  1. Pa Gorane i Čedo : sretan vam stodeseti rođendan , sa željom da proslavite i 250-ti u zdravlju i veselju i igrajući se dame !

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