E-dama Unplugged League

E-Dama Unplugged League is competition held on E-Dama. It is based on two tournaments per year. Players are divided into quality groups - leagues in a such way that the first league consists of 12 strongest players, the second league consists of next 12 players and so on. Exception is the last one, where together with players belonging to that league based on the results from the previous season, also participate players that are competing for the first time in Unplugged League.
The Unplugged League unplugged tournaments are organized twice a year and are named Autumn and Spring Tournament. Autumn Tournament starts around 15 October and the Spring Tournament starts around 15 April. Tournaments are played as "round-robin" tournaments. Tournament director is Dr. Goran Igaly.
At the end of the competition, the winner of the particular league advances to the league two levels above, while second and third placed players in that league advance to the league one level above. Tenth and eleventh placed players downgrade to the league one level below while twelfth ranked player downgrades to the league two levels below.
Exception is second league, from which two top placed players advance to the first league, and the league one level above the last one, from which two last positioned players downgrade to the last league. Example with eight leagues (eight levels) is shown on the following diagram:
Total time for thinking (time control) is 60 days per player for the entire game, without possibility to take vacation.
If you don't already play in Unplugged Leage and you want to join, please register yourself at https://e-dama.net/e/dama/turnir_view.vm?id=1763 or write an email to goran.igaly@e-dama.net
Have a lot of fun, success and interesting unplugged games!
dr. Goran Igaly