E-Dama Championship in Brazilian Draughts – 2022

1. The competition will be held in two rounds - semifinal and final round.

2. Semi-final round starts on 15 June 2022. Final round starts 7 days after completion of all games in the semi-final round.

3. Semi-final round will be held in groups of 10 to 12 players of which the final groups with also 10 to 12 players will be formed

4. Semi-final groups are determined via semi-directed draw in accordance with the current E-Dama rating in the Brazilian draughts, and current E-Dama rating in international draughts for the players who have not played Brazilian draughts on E-Dama yet.

5. All competitions are held according to the system of micro-matches with the initial positions determined in accordance with paragraph 11 of Rules of Official competitions in draughts-64 from 10 December 2015.

5a. Each pair of players play one micro-match of two games.

5b. For each micro-match the starting positions will be determined by draw according to the current official Table of initial positions. This table is available on the IDF website from the menu Documents > Table of draw.

5c. The starting positions are the same for both players in micro-match and every player plays one game with white and one game with black pieces.

You can register yourself for the tournament until 13 June 2022.

Semifinal tournaments for the Eight World Championship

Qualifications for the 8th World Championship will start on 5 March 2020 . If there will be more than 25 participants, participants will be separated into two groups. Every player registered on E-Dama can play on semifinal tournament without registration fee.

Time for thinking is 60 days for the first 40 moves, plus 10 days for every next 10 moves.

Judge for semifinal tournaments is Mr. Anatoly Erastov (SLShI), and technical director is Mr. Goran Igaly (E-Dama).

Five best players from every group will be invited to Eight Correspondence World Championship in International Draughts which will start at the end of 2020.

Please pay attention to the fact that scoring system is different from standard scoring system used on E-Dama. Winner gets 3 points, and in case of draw opponents can get 1 or 2 points, depending of situation on board when draw is concluded.

You can register yourself for semifinal tournament on Tournament registration page

Tournament rules





Seventh Championship of the World on International Draughts on Electronic Correspondence on the E-Dama

Tournament rules of the ChMM-7S

Guide about the Seventh Championship of the World on International Draughts on Electronic Correspondence on the E-Dama:

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Регламент т.ЧММ-7С на английском яз.


ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ т ЧММ-7С на русском


Положение т.ЧММ-7С на англ.

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