Financial support for E-Dama

Development of has started in 2007 and its goal was to provide draughts players with large archive of games, to connect with players from different countries and to provide place for playing correspondence games with world's strongest players. 

First official tournament, "The first championship of the world on international draughts on electronic correspondence without the account of the spent time", ws held from 2010. to 2011. and was organized by The Academy of Chess and Draughts from St. Petersburg.

After that tournament there were many strong tournaments on E-Dama:

  • 8 World Championships,
  • 1 European Championship,
  • 10 National and Regional Championships (Netherland, Brazil, Lithuania, Croatia-Serbia-Slovenia-Italy),
  • 4 Team Championships,
  • 14 Open E-Dama Tournaments in International, Brazilian and Russian draughts,and
  • about 20 other very strong tournaments.

 We have also organized about 2000 smaller open tournaments with 5 to 9 players in different variants of draughts game.One of my favourite competition is so called Unplugged League which is played twice in a year and players are asked to play without use of computers for analysis. Until now we had 16 rounds of this competition

During all this period the whole site is programmed and maintained by my brother Čedomir Igaly. He will continue to maintain the site but is unable to pay all expenses of E-Dama by himself. In order to keep E-Dama going, we need 40 EUR per month (approximately 9.25 EUR per week) and we kindly ask you to help us with your financial support. If you are willing to give your contribution, you can do this via PayPal:

We will list all of your contributions at Donations page. There will be listed your name, date of donation and amount. If you want your name not to be listed, please let us know and we will show only the amount donated. On this page there will be shown total funds collected and date until which this amount will be enough to keep E-Dama going.

Final word

On E-Dama we don't have many members and our members are pretty old in average. But, we are proud to have the world's strongest correspondence players and also that many of them participate on E-Dama tournaments from the beginning.

Number of active draughts players on E-Dama by the year of registration

Unfortunately, the number of active players is not growing as can be visible from the following graph:

So, if you know somebody who is interested in playing correspondence games, everybody is welcome on E-Dama!

I hope that, with your support, we will be able to keep E-Dama going in the future and to keep providing place for playing our favourite game.

Best regards,
dr. Goran Igaly

Experimental Rapid Correspondence Tournaments on E-Dama

After almost two and half months after start of three semifinal groups for Second E-Dama Open Championship we decided to organize First Experimental Rapid Correspondence Tournament on E-Dama. It seems tha these two words, "rapid" and "correspondence" do not go together, but the idea ot such tournament is to give a chance for speed players to meet on the same tournament and to finish this tournament without waiting slow players to finish their games. 

Here is the graphical representation of average time spent for thinking on three semifinal tournament in period of 15 November 2022 and 25 January 2023.

Based on these data we will organize rapid correspondence competition for 32 fastest players. Players will be invited according to their average time spent for thinking on three  semifinal tournaments until there will be 32 players.

Games on these tournaments will last at most 84 days (12 weeks) and if some game will not end in this period, the player who spent less time for thinking will win the game.

One week after finishing semifinal groups, the final group with same rules will start. In final tournament there will be eight most successful players from each group. The rest of players will play in other group.

If you want to participate in this tournament, please send me an e-mail message to and I will put you on the list of potential participants. If there will be more than 32 candidates, participants will be selected according average time spent for thinking in semifinal tournaments for Second E-Dama Open Championship.

Second E-Dama Open Championship

The First E-Dama Open Championship in international draughts was held in the period from October 15, 2010 to November 15, 2011. On this championship participated six players from four countries - Netherlands, Russia, Croatia and Lithuania. The winner was Wim Ijzerman (Netherlands) with 16 points ahead of Nina Shchebenyuk and Vladimir Savin (Russia) with 11 points each, Fourth place was taken by Mikhail Shchebenyuk (Russia) with 10 points, while fifth and sixth were Goran Igaly (Croatia) and Edgaras Navikauskas (Lithuania).

Twelve years after the First E-Dama Open Championship, we decided to organize a Second Open Championship. All draughts players from all over the world can freely register for this championship. The deadline for applications is November 12, 2022, and the planned start is November 15, 2022. Depending on the number of applications, the championship will be played in one or two rounds. In the case that 24 players or less are registered for the championship, the championship will be played in one round, and in the event that more than 24 players are registered for the championship, semi-final tournaments will be played with a maximum of 24 players. The best 24 players from the semi-finals will play in the final tournament, while the rest will play in the other group.

The pace of play will be 80 days for the first 40 moves, plus an additional 10 days for each subsequent 10 moves. The referee of the tournament is Goran Igaly. 

There are no prizes, and participants who request it will be issued electronic certificates of participation and place won.

Please spread this notice to all potentially interested draughts players from around the world, and for any additional information, send an inquiry to

Here is the tournament table of the First E-Dama Open Championship and records of all played games.