E-Dama is web site dedicated to draughts game. At the E-Dama you can play this popular and interesting game against players from the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Russia, Serbia, Belgium, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, Denmark, Sierra Leone, United States, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Slovenia, Ghana, Italy, French Guiana, Congo, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, Canada, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Nepal, Germany, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Hungary, Suriname, Argentina, Latvia, Spain, Moldova, Armenia, Poland, Sri Lanka, Saint Lucia, Israel, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Morocco, Greece, Israel, Algeria, Romania and Nigeria

You can also try to solve some of the interesting problems many of which are composed by the world's best problemists.

From the year 2011 all official tournaments organized by the WCDA - (World Correspondence Draughts Association) are played at the E-Dama.

Every year since 2014 SLShI is organizing World Championship in Correspondance Draughts with strongest correspondence players from all over the world.

User registration and applications to the correspondence tournament