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International draughts is a board game that is played on 10x10 board with black and white squares. There are two players on opposite sides, with 20 pieces each, black for one player and white for the other.

If you know everything and just want to play draughts online, go directly to the list of our tournaments.

International draughts game board

Napoleon Buonaparte preferred draughts to chess, finding in this game the strategy of leading the battle. He is known never to leave his pearl draughts-board.

U.S. general Grant ascribed much of his military success to the mental sharpening derived from checkers

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy even compares checkers to war strategies in his novel "War and peace"

We, developers of are also draughts enthusiasts and we like to play this game. We offer the place where you can play this interesting game with people from all over the world. If you are strong player, you can play against grandmasters and very strong players at official international tournaments. If you are the beginner, you can play with players of similar strength. All you need is to learn the simple rules for playing international draughts, and to register yourself our permanently opened mini tournaments. For the registration, you can use one of your existing accounts, for example Facebook or Google accounts will work, or you can make your new user account only for

If you want to learn more about how to play draughts, we can recommend Tjalling Goedemoed's free book "A Course in Draughts". You can freely download it and enjoy in learning draughts. You can even translate it and make it available for people who are not familiar with English language.

For the beginners, we reccomend our mini tournaments. Here is the (very short) description for one of these tournaments (written by the inventor of - Cedomir Igaly): This tournament is 'open' because everybody can play, regardless of strength or geographical location. It is also 'mini' because number of players is small so each player will play only few games. Good for people (like myself) who want to play some, but not too many games. It will start automatically when fifth player join. After that, new tournament will be opened for next five players etc.

If you want to play online only with some of your friends, you can invite him/her to play. Please take a look at our rating list. Maybe you will find some of your draughts colleagues!