Game type:International draughts
Tournament name:1-st championship of EUROPE on international draughts
Tournament description:

Academy of Chess and Draughts Arts, St. Petersburg
is announcing the acceptance of applications for participation in the tournament:
1st European Championships in international draughts via e-mail (EVRO-2001 SVA Mem).
The games will take place on the server
The beginning of the championship: 15.01.2011. End of championship : 15.06.2011.
Time control: 150 days for 50 moves and 15 days for the next 10 moves.
Application be sent to: Schebenyuk Nina Grigorevna (Russia )
There is no entry fee for participants, the game will take place without the time delays and penalties.
Awards: winners, medals and diplomas 1st-3rd places
Information on this website:
Technical questions about games on Goran Igaly (Croatia )

Tournament code:EVRO-01 SVA Mem
Director:Goran Igaly (Send private message)
Number of players:23
Number of games:1
Results:Tournament Table
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Number White Black Stat date Last change date Move Result Status White time Black time